ask ask ask: your employer’s benefit’s plan

I rarely reviewed medical or dental coverage plans when joining a new firm (unless you consider ‘whatevah‘ as a valid acknowledgment to such material).

Today I attend a benefits fair at my husband’s work. In preparation, I’ve been humbled to learn just how much there’s to learn on our coverage — stuff like:

What percentage is covered for out-of-network consults?
Where/how should reimbursements be submitted?
What’s that flex spending plan all about?
Does the employer offer health care benefits for retired employees?

More from:
-APA outlines apt questions to ask your company’s benefits team or HR staff, even sensitive ones I didn’t first consider;
-For gay/lesbian domestic partners, this looked insightful for benefits & legal protections;
-The Money Blog, the ever credible source comments on potential benefits which you may not be aware of — cool eye care & flex spending accounts.

2 Responses

  1. Could it be that you have simply had the grace of God in your life such that you haven’t needed to take full advantage of those benefits? As a migraine sufferer, I tell you, I have needed my healthcare benefits more than I care to admit to myself! Great benefits really can equate to cold hard cash in the bank that you can use for saving or in my case, paying down debt!

  2. If you anticipate big medical costs in the upcoming year (e.g. root canals or the such) consider putting a bit of pre-tax money aside in a federal medical savings plan. I forgot what they are called but talk to your employers about that.

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