$1million by 2012: dream it, plan it, live it

So it’s time to take ownership & aim big.

I remember once being fearless in the face of challenges and dreams — going after them was the fun rush of life. Then on the financial front – I learned how much it costs to retire, to retire with decent health care protection, to raise children and their education, to run one’s own business, and more …. my momentum to achieve sobered-up.

Why is that? Maybe it’s just looking at too much at once -vs- one step at a time. Maybe it’s taking one’s self too seriously. Maybe dreams were too high with resources & energy too low. Is it even possible to have dreams too high?

…a mix of all likely but here’s the sitch: family members need our help. They’d never, ever ask for financial support. But bottom line, their situations are precarious & their means too small to evoke stability on their own. My judgment could be off but after reviewing all up, down, and sideways my husband and I agree taking action helps more than fretting.

And results just don’t fall from the sky. So can we realistically help? yes. Can we preserve our basic needs & personal savings plan too? yes. So is it time for a plan?

Yes and here it is:

$1million by 2012 (that’s $1million in overall paper value vs net).

It makes my stomach tight writing this out, tight as in nervous. But Jonny Goldstein just published his big dream. And his resolve and zeal are contagious.

So here it is:

Summary of Intent:

We are millionaires by 2012. By that year, we will have built our financial wealth to at least $1million through dedicated & united partnership to include: multiple income streams, property ownership in secondary cities, tax control, & wealth protection. Our love of life motivates this intent – and our family, whom we most dearly want to help.

It’s posted at our desks.

…along with the plan, the numbers, the benchmarks, a list of mentors (…need to contact them), & somewhere deep down is something that feels like resolve.

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8 Responses

  1. Best of luck w/your project!

  2. Let me know when you get your millions – I will come over for dinner!

  3. You can do it! Blaze the way and show the rest of us how.

  4. This is great Jill…you’ve put it out there so it is the law of attraction at work. The real question will be what will you do if you exceed $1 million!

    2012 is the big one. The spiritual and new age community predicts everything from the apocalypse to a new form of consciousness. Anything is possible!

  5. As a former life coach, I suggest that you write that statement in the present tense to align yourself with the feeling and idea that the $1 million has already happened. The declarations we make are important, vital and life-changing speech acts.

  6. I think it’s awesome, that you employ science of mind. Why leave your future to a default setting by not having an expectation and goal. Great to know someone also is in pursuit. As a man thinks, so he is.

  7. […] about my goals and plans for the future after coming upon Housewifery through a twitter link. Her $1 million by 2012 plan is a BHAG to be sure! Great post, and […]

  8. […] on tough issues when a sense of fun abounds. Who cares my husband and I have millions to go before we make our millions. If we crack eachother up during the quest, it’s all good (why? cuz we’re havin’ […]

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