stock market meets the drakestail & the millionaire mommy next door

Good ‘ole Drakestail keeps saying the same phrase throughout the story, most seriously toward the King who owes Drakestail cash.

Quack! Quack! Quack! When shall I get my money back?

That’s how I feel when seeing our investments take dives with the shaky Dow lately. Wise folks emphasize the long view when investing which I intellectually support and understand. But Holy Smokes I’ve really become addicted to torturing myself by looking daily at our accounts’ performance.

And it’s a habit I’VE GOT to break less I go bonkers.

So I laughed out load reading Drakestail over the weekend (…sucker for fairy tales which of note I didn’t become until after age 30). I emotionally, desperately wanted to some how chase the stock market as if it was an actual person – or the would be King being chased by Drakestail – and demand our lost investments back.

Alas the personal finance blogosphere has been AWESOME in rejuvenating and stabilizing my investment outlook. Take the long view sista.

If Drakestail were real and here today, he might say…:


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The goddess of all things financially independent on how her portfolio continues to thrive despite current market pukeville.

3 Responses

  1. If you have a 401(k) or other account you are constantly adding to and the managers are always building the portfolios, that’s a really good thing because right now is a good time to buy – when the market is lower. This isn’t a depression, more of what economists call a correction, but likely it will dip below the “normal” line before coming back up.

    We are with you in spirit, Jill. None of us in our generation will retire anyway.

  2. CARL – Thanks for highlighting that positive point turn and how now is a good time to buy. I know it will all be a.o.k. with folks like the Camera Samurai rooting for us!

  3. Yes, look loooooong! You WANT the ups and downs along the way, because that’s where the long-term (aka bigger) gains are. Expect the ride. With time, the story WILL end well!

    Thanks for the link.

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