sin stocks are hopeful bets … but what do your morals say?

The history of sin stocks shows consistent or even strong performance in downturned stock markets.

I grow more and more willing to embrace imperfection & inconsistency, especially when it relates to my own character (& the stock market). 🙂 But heck, I don’t know if my moral code – whatever the heck it is – can bank on humanity’s weakness.

And that type of hesitancy can make those more willing some big bucks.

Where do you stand on investing in people’s vices?

More from:

  • Science Daily’s take on sin stocks & moral judgment;
  • Kiplinger & their insight into how vice stocks can be virtuous in a very bear market.
  • 2 Responses

    1. I think I could support the booze sinning during a bear market. Not tobacco. What do you think about supporting booze as an only sin stock?

    2. I received a check from the Comanches — my annual share of the casino revenues. You think I shouldn’t cash it? If so, send your Christmas present back. 😉 Buy stock in the vices you support with your habits. If you drink Sierra Nevada, buy stock in that.

      BTW, where were people in rural Oklahoma spending their money BEFORE the casinos?

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