live blogging women who tech telesummit from Care2: build an online campaign & change the world

at Oxfam’s conference room

12:15pm: Build an Online Campaign and Change the World
This panel will explore what it takes to act local and achieve big results running local campaigns by synchronizing your offline and online tools and strategies.
Panelists: Jo Lee, Citizen Speak, Clarissa Goodlett, Color of Change, Dani Simons, NYC Department of Transportation

Moderator: Julia Rosen, Courage Campaign

WomenWhoTech, first ever, occurs today.

NOTE: It’s live blogging for WomenWhoTech. Photos, corrections of grammar errors, etc are forthcoming, thanks!

Lunch and anticipation:
We’ve just logged in at Care2 downtown with Oxfam, who is unpacking lunch. A small group of registrants logged in together here to group-listen the tele-panels.

A sample online campaign (…and offline) to end Iraq War
MoveOn: suggests delivering hand-written letters, hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions to influence Congress to end the war.

Their goal with this campaign: garner 1 million messages for Congress to set a timeline to end the war.

Always important to learn as you go…in launching these campaigns.

Big lessons learned during this campaign: The opposition will say ending the war is somehow “anti-troop”.

Interrupting for a cool tech note:
To confirm, this is a free, simultaneous telesummit and webinar. So as we participate via speaker phone with the panelists, we see their posted slide shows projected overhead via LCD.

Heather Holdridge, Director of Nonprofits, at Care2.

Human Rights Campaign
From Human Rights Campaign aka HRC: 1 of 6 hate crimes in USA is due to sexual orientation. Yet sexual orientation abuse is not an official ‘hate crime’ under law. They created an advocacy campaign to change that reality.

They focused these approaches on in their campaign:
-asked John Kerry to send advocacy letter to his email file;
-advertised through Care2;
-partnered with Cindy Lauper’s concert tour for “True Colors” to take petition signatures (up to 30k!) and take video of support.

On May 3rd, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed House and Senate yet died in conference committee. Panelist was happy with this outcome even though it’s imperfect. Blogger’s note: I don’t understand why it was rejected…shall learn that committee process.

How to craft an efficient advocacy campaign:

-outline goals for specific actions, fundraising, recuritment, etc
-know your target audience – who, where are they?
-know your action targets
-be clear on timing aka for current events, maximize benefits, delivery, and time issues

follow up slide
Don’t forget to thank partners when you analyze success and review implementation.

Campaign messaging

-note geography and relevance of demography plus previous actions taken
-know if your campaign is timely
-gauge appropriate tone and tact aka humor, straight-forward, gimmicky – what’s appropriate and what’s not
on graphics – be clear, simple, consistent, thematic content. Showing faces and eyes are effective in graphics and photos

Social networks to suggest for online campaigning:
Care2, Digg, Facebook, Yahoo groups, C2NN, MySpace

Your core advocates can help mobilize:
Be sure to summon those people, those ‘ambassadors’ — write letters and launch online voicing.

Test your messaging:
Note which message campaign tests more effectively with gender, demographics, marital status, childen in home, occupation, etc.

Online advocacy tool: is a great source to find advocacy tools that advance your campaigns.

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