live blogging from women who tech: improve this blog pitch

Next up: 4:00PM EST: Improve This Blog Pitch

Panelists: Susan Getgood, Marketing Roadmaps, Mir Kamin, WouldaShoulda Blog, and Maria Niles, Consumerpop

Real-live outreach programs from our attendees. A panel of experts offer constructive improvements…to creatives, calls to action and blogger targeting since they have been on both sides of the marketing/blogger equation…and can feel your pain, even as they hope to help you not get blown up by the bloggers. This session is a special preview of the BlogHer Business Conference and is sponsored by BlogHer.
Marketing Consulting.
Moderator: Liz Gumbinner, momblogpreneur

WomenWhoTech’s tech review…:
The tech involved with the whole event works wonderfully: webinar & conference call via ReadyTalk Conferencing. I’m a happy registrant!

Bloggers care & that’s strategic to know in pitching to them:
Bloggers aren’t like journalists in terms of maintaining objectivity. Bloggers write about what they love or don’t and are at the same time consumers. That’s why marketing teams want to reach out to them.

Be aware of bloggers’ nature aka it’s not a profit motive (at least initially):
A blogger is your customer or constituent; they blog because they have something personal, their passion they want to share. And their passion can intersect with your product. It’s not a profit motive.


How to view blog relations:
Know and understand the content of the bloggers you’re trying to reach. It’s like making a new friend. Get to know their blog and their content. And then participate in that blogger community before pitching an article or request.

Participate in the blogosphere in different ways:
-attend blogger meetups in your local community for face-to-face time;
-engage with bloggers on other social networks (purely to get to know them vs asking them to buy or contribute to your cause);
-comment on their blog;
-publish your own personal blog to better relate to the blogger community;
-realize building first a small blogger community is more effective than attempting to connect with bloggers en masse;
-know it takes time to build a feedback community with bloggers.

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  1. Jill,

    Thank you so much for live blogging our session! I always appreciate those who make the effort to do this.

    I hope you found value in the session.


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