live blogging women who tech: firing up your online list

Next up at 2:45PM
Firing Up Your Online List 2:45 PM EST
Are you burning out your list with action alerts and fundraising appeals? This session is for you. Our all-star panel will identify strategies to rejuvenate your online constituents in 2008 and ramp up your online advocacy and fundraising.
Panelists: Marie Michelson, Greenpeace, Shirley Sexton, Easter Seals, Farra Trompeter, Big Duck
Moderator: Kelly O’Neal

Pardon the grammar and spelling bloopers; post-event edits will take place!

Cool set-up at Care2:
We’re all listening to the panelists and other participants dial-in. Heather Holdridge here at Care2 was gracious and dialed-in on our behalf.


Sample online campaign & how it influenced an email list (and don’t forget ‘thank you’): Is an interactive site to promote breast screening and breast cancer prevention. The panelist is emphasizing outreach to different blogs – and Care2 – on growing one’s regular email list. Expressing thanks to people who participate in your campaign, and who agree to be on your mailing list, is critical.

Sound bite:
While striving to garner new people for your list, be mindful of current email loyalists aka appreciate people who currently show loyalty for your cause via email and other communication outlets so they don’t feel under valued.

Get fired up yourself:
Greenpeace shared about a popular campaign that was completely online: She says to emphasize your enthusiasm and use it to motivate your email list. That’s key.

An example of an effective campaign being discussed is worked on a recent advocacy campaign — to motivate Apple to make their technology more green.

Email lists and being campaign-focused (or not):
Affiliating with your email list does not always have to be campaign-centric. Find out what excites them regarding advocacy and your work. Offer incentives to your email list members e.g. raffle a dinner with a key leader related to your field and mission.

Sen. Obama’s campaign exemplifies this well.

Engage, listen, facilitate, value your audience:
Listen to your email list members and their feedback. Engage, be transparent, and facilitative (vs dominating) on social networking sites, websites, and emails related to your advocacy campaign. Know the value of your target audience; use those people on your email list to tell stories via social online tools, especially video.

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