notes from a jack ass: on seeing life with more humility & respect

I’ve been hiding.

I’ve been hiding from reality while convincing myself I was somehow efficient & achieving life balance.

Ego & MO
Realistic or not, something in me thinks I can solve ‘the universe’. Yet at the same time, I want to solve the universe my own dang way. I want to solve the universe with community building, social tech, long-term thinking, a chance to join & build teams with optimistic people. Let’s solve the world. Let’s get results.

But it’s gotta be fun.

Let’s pile on the fun while I’m saving the universe with fun people. I’m eager – thrilled – to take on tough issues when a sense of fun abounds. Who cares my husband and I have millions to go before we make our millions. If we crack eachother up during the quest, it’s all good (why? cuz we’re havin’ fun!).

I’ve walked away from projects, from clients, & from a few friends because their lack of fun & joy. Maybe that’s rude or short-sighted or relational suicide. Or maybe it means I’m not the Mahatma.

Bottom line, bring on the fun challenges. With them, life is good, balanced, & something I can handle. With this paradigm of fun, I can build, conquer, & transcend.


When life lacks fun or balance: a jack ass takes a beat
So my fun, high-horse philosophy is not only ‘high’ but as of late – morally blind.

I do not know what to do with China’s earthquake in Sichuan Province. Or Myanmar & their government & starving thousands.

It’s not fun. It’s one big dose of hard, complex devastation. And I haven’t known what to do except ignore it & have fun thinking about my projects, my life, my work, my 401k, my mission, my man, my quest, my bad jokes.

From this sunny, peaceful, in-tact-with-plenty-of-food cafe in Northwest DC, I’m realizing my not knowing what to do with these tragedies is irrelevant. What matters is my decision to care and act on a conscious level – even though it’s not fun or toward a clear-cut solution for the people in those countries.

I feel compelled, in all my imperfection, to do something more than hide.

What matters is understanding I have the gigantic luxury to decide to act at all. It’s a humbling thought that inspires humility & nausea all at once.

Since vomiting on myself out of shame proves useless.

Since social tech is a powerful thing – ready to connect & empower the many.

Since it’s never too late to look beyond one’s self-absorption.

And out of respect for those who have feared and lost yet still try to recover…this jack ass offers below:


  • For some photoblog beauty & inspiration on how to help relief efforts in China.

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  1. The news of the past 10-12 days has been overwhelming to anyone with even an ounce of compassion for the suffering. I went numb at about day 4 or 5 of the cyclone aftermath and didn’t snap out of it until about day 8. It was then some friends and I decided we would do what we could do…make others aware of the problem, keep them informed of updates and suggesting what they can do to help.

    China’s people are fortunate that their country is growing and has the largest foreign reserves in the world, Myanmar’s people are unfortunate in that they are in a country that is one of the poorest financially and poorest governed. Basically we can keep them all in our thoughts, do what we can do with donations, make suggestions to others who might be in a similar position, and just pray for the best.

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