friday fiscal tickle: new video series gets weekly & wacky

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Note from the wacky:
Sharing my family’s high, low, & zany moments in personal finance (…via short-winded video) remains a passion at Housewifery’s blog. Those quirky cuts will continue.

I’m also learning more slowly but surely about larger financial events & concerns along the way. I’d like to learn more about financial scenes beyond my own backyard. And hopefully not take it all too seriously despite the world’s often sober fiscal reality.

Thus comes Housewifery’s new weekly series: the Friday Fiscal Tickle. For a smirky digest on world financial events, take a peek each week. By all means, your thoughts & eye rolls are welcome anytime.

5 Responses

  1. hahahaha great stuff Jill!!!

  2. Loved it! Lots of nuggets of wisdom with plenty o’ entertainment! You can read the phone book and make it enjoyable! I like this idea! Look forward to many more tickles! lol…


  3. Thanks(!) Andre aka @mindofandre for stopping by & cackling too.

    @Paisano – Hi! – thanks for visiting & kindness sir. Ahh the phone book … possibly that’s an episode in the makin’. 😉

  4. I love it!!! Tickle me some more!

  5. I’m hooked! Has SNL recruited you yet??

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