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sin stocks are hopeful bets … but what do your morals say?
February 5, 2008

The history of sin stocks shows consistent or even strong performance in downturned stock markets.

I grow more and more willing to embrace imperfection & inconsistency, especially when it relates to my own character (& the stock market). 🙂 But heck, I don’t know if my moral code – whatever the heck it is – can bank on humanity’s weakness.

And that type of hesitancy can make those more willing some big bucks.

Where do you stand on investing in people’s vices?

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  • $5million & your piggy bank: financial planners’ standard target for retirement
    January 14, 2008

    “Mrs. Foster, you & your husband should save at least $5million for retirement…at least!”


    That’s my psychological (& literal) piggy bank passing out from that advice. Most all financial planners I met with last year suggested $5million be our retirement savings target (east coast).

    What the SAM HECK do we need to save that amount for?! I’ll calm my drama-momma attitude … & attempt to answer with some calm. Feel free adding ideas to this list:

    • Longevity (age 100 to be commonplace)
    • Health care (allocate $150k-200k for health care costs excluding long term care)
    • Inflation
    • Housing (assuming a paid-in-full home, consider property tax per US Treasury)
    • Food
    • Fun (one trip annually)
    • With above factored in the equation — leaving $1k/mo for health care costs during retirement — our current retirement savings quest is $2.5million. It makes financial planners smirk but, although hefty it’s an aggressive goal that doesn’t leave my mental or literal piggy bank in shock.

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    Fraud is the new … green?! charging customers for bulbs they didn’t buy
    January 14, 2008

    It could’ve been a winning green initiative: educating customers on energy-efficient CFL light bulbs.

    Yet instead, a Maryland power company‘s approach has left a green campaign wanting — and their customers screaming mail fraud.

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    An Allegheny Power customer in the thick of it, Jimmy Gardner reports at East Coast Blogging.

    2007 goals met & missed (plus recalling family mantra for ‘tell the truth!’)
    January 7, 2008

    I heard that as a kid growing up from Oklahoma relatives – said when it was really time to tell the truth! I love it. And for whatever reason, it surmounts my agnosticism & paraphrases the need for honesty to this day.

    In that spirit…:

    Life balance goals met & missed (2006 vs 2007)

    Come to Jesus 2006:

    -on dining out: spent $11k (what's that phrase…'ignorance is bliss'?!)

    -on cooking for family: avoided learning how

    -on retirement savings: had diddle for a plan

    -on spending habits: didn't have a clue

    -on tax protection: accrued $7k tax bill (paid for via credit card…gulp)

    Come to Jesus 2007:

    -on dining out: cut that puppy DOWN & roughly ended year spending app. $1.5k

    -on cooking for family: learned! We spent app. $5k on groceries this year. And my husband was fantastic in brainstorming ideas & being patient with sometimes a very smoky home (I'd like to think my self-esteem is pretty strong being 37 and admitting this … or just SILLY)

    -on retirement savings: met with financial planners & invested 12% income toward a specific plan (as in we now know 'the number' to save for by retirement age). I disagreed with some planners' suggestion on how much to save for. More on that later.

    -on spending habits: set an actual plan and more regularly audited habits via Quicken. Frankly I didn't audit them habitually. I attempted tracking via our spending plan which wasn't comprehensive. It's time for me to buck up and do that download account process per Quicken.

    -on tax protection: our pre-tax retirement contributions lowered our taxable income; I also worked from home (resigned from high stress management job & made far less money). That fact as pros & cons but it was a great year for re-gaining sanity, renewing/building communities online and off, & gaining a few clients. And the reduced stress enhanced the marriage (ain't that right honey??). NOTE: That $7k tax bill balance decreased some (see below).

    The main goal for 2008 is two-fold: to completely pay-off that '06 puke-vomit-ick-tax-bill (paid for via credit card in '07) and to build six months worth of savings.


    What life balance/personal finance goal motivates you for 2008? …Any come-to-Jesus moments of your own last year?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thanks for your ideas & motivation throughout last year. Your insight and humor strengthened resolve.


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