mobile audio: our new book club members talk it up
June 7, 2008

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40 sec audio: kids play in background during a.m. walk to work
April 24, 2008

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pure motivation: interview with dc web women members at 13th year anniversary bash
April 21, 2008

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1 min audio: anticipating podcampDC plus fun with tulips, dolphins, & DC locals
April 18, 2008

PodcampDC launches tonight at Capitol
City Brewery, Capitol Hill
…oh the mounting momentum.

One minute audio:
A hilarious encounter unfolds with a fun stranger intrigued by dolphins & tulips.

The tulip that caused a dolphin\'s career in stand-up comedy...

80 seconds of glee: my DC cab ride turns into mobile karaoke
March 30, 2008

What a delightful experience!

sin stocks are hopeful bets … but what do your morals say?
February 5, 2008

The history of sin stocks shows consistent or even strong performance in downturned stock markets.

I grow more and more willing to embrace imperfection & inconsistency, especially when it relates to my own character (& the stock market). 🙂 But heck, I don’t know if my moral code – whatever the heck it is – can bank on humanity’s weakness.

And that type of hesitancy can make those more willing some big bucks.

Where do you stand on investing in people’s vices?

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  • Science Daily’s take on sin stocks & moral judgment;
  • Kiplinger & their insight into how vice stocks can be virtuous in a very bear market.
  • $5million & your piggy bank: financial planners’ standard target for retirement
    January 14, 2008

    “Mrs. Foster, you & your husband should save at least $5million for retirement…at least!”


    That’s my psychological (& literal) piggy bank passing out from that advice. Most all financial planners I met with last year suggested $5million be our retirement savings target (east coast).

    What the SAM HECK do we need to save that amount for?! I’ll calm my drama-momma attitude … & attempt to answer with some calm. Feel free adding ideas to this list:

    • Longevity (age 100 to be commonplace)
    • Health care (allocate $150k-200k for health care costs excluding long term care)
    • Inflation
    • Housing (assuming a paid-in-full home, consider property tax per US Treasury)
    • Food
    • Fun (one trip annually)
    • With above factored in the equation — leaving $1k/mo for health care costs during retirement — our current retirement savings quest is $2.5million. It makes financial planners smirk but, although hefty it’s an aggressive goal that doesn’t leave my mental or literal piggy bank in shock.

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      FreeMoneyFinance writes on the $5million topic with an active discussion thread;

    stock market meets the drakestail & the millionaire mommy next door
    November 29, 2007

    Good ‘ole Drakestail keeps saying the same phrase throughout the story, most seriously toward the King who owes Drakestail cash.

    Quack! Quack! Quack! When shall I get my money back?

    That’s how I feel when seeing our investments take dives with the shaky Dow lately. Wise folks emphasize the long view when investing which I intellectually support and understand. But Holy Smokes I’ve really become addicted to torturing myself by looking daily at our accounts’ performance.

    And it’s a habit I’VE GOT to break less I go bonkers.

    So I laughed out load reading Drakestail over the weekend (…sucker for fairy tales which of note I didn’t become until after age 30). I emotionally, desperately wanted to some how chase the stock market as if it was an actual person – or the would be King being chased by Drakestail – and demand our lost investments back.

    Alas the personal finance blogosphere has been AWESOME in rejuvenating and stabilizing my investment outlook. Take the long view sista.

    If Drakestail were real and here today, he might say…:


    More From:
    The goddess of all things financially independent on how her portfolio continues to thrive despite current market pukeville.

    $1million by 2012: dream it, plan it, live it
    October 13, 2007

    So it’s time to take ownership & aim big.

    I remember once being fearless in the face of challenges and dreams — going after them was the fun rush of life. Then on the financial front – I learned how much it costs to retire, to retire with decent health care protection, to raise children and their education, to run one’s own business, and more …. my momentum to achieve sobered-up.

    Why is that? Maybe it’s just looking at too much at once -vs- one step at a time. Maybe it’s taking one’s self too seriously. Maybe dreams were too high with resources & energy too low. Is it even possible to have dreams too high?

    …a mix of all likely but here’s the sitch: family members need our help. They’d never, ever ask for financial support. But bottom line, their situations are precarious & their means too small to evoke stability on their own. My judgment could be off but after reviewing all up, down, and sideways my husband and I agree taking action helps more than fretting.

    And results just don’t fall from the sky. So can we realistically help? yes. Can we preserve our basic needs & personal savings plan too? yes. So is it time for a plan?

    Yes and here it is:

    $1million by 2012 (that’s $1million in overall paper value vs net).

    It makes my stomach tight writing this out, tight as in nervous. But Jonny Goldstein just published his big dream. And his resolve and zeal are contagious.

    So here it is:

    Summary of Intent:

    We are millionaires by 2012. By that year, we will have built our financial wealth to at least $1million through dedicated & united partnership to include: multiple income streams, property ownership in secondary cities, tax control, & wealth protection. Our love of life motivates this intent – and our family, whom we most dearly want to help.

    It’s posted at our desks.

    …along with the plan, the numbers, the benchmarks, a list of mentors (…need to contact them), & somewhere deep down is something that feels like resolve.

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    where are you? where am I?
    October 4, 2007

    It’s been a fantastic whirlwind with out of town family visiting this week.

    Housewifery will continue to track zany realities in personal finance (and more!) later this week.

    Until then, stay true & stay frugal!