Interview: Rohit Bhargava on biz personality with Jonny Goldstein
June 5, 2008

Last night’s event was:


…and audience-driven with lots of DC Media Makers in the room. Marketing guru Rohit Bhargava offered specific examples and insight on how small businesses can build authentic brands – fueled with personality – in our social media age. Lots of Q&A with the audience took place.

And Media Producer & Show Host Jonny Goldstein from Jonny’s Par-tay interviewed Rohit in front of a live audience at Busboys and Poets. Thanks to Network Solutions, we all were full with a great night, complete with wine & drink!

Social media event for small biz in dc, personality not included @ jonny’s partay.

Marketing maven and author Rohit Bhargava responds to the crowds’ questions. In this case he’s citing an example on how a plumber, as a small business, might better personalize his customer service (and thus, create a more unique brand in the process).

For a fun archive of the full interview per Jonny’s live web show:

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Personality abounds: pumped for DC event
June 4, 2008


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