live blogging women who tech telesummit from Care2 downtown – rockstars: building social capital
March 31, 2008

Rock stars = our next panelists:
Joan Blades, and MomsRising — plus Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post

lunching care2
working and lunching at Care2 while listening to WomenWhoTech Telesummit

Next up: Women And Social Capital 1:30 PM EST
Networking, schmetworking…why is it that women are statistically more ‘social’ than men, but have statistically less powerful business networks than men? This panel will explore how the women who have entered boys clubs and built powerful Social Capital have done it and give ideas to women on how to build their networks.
Panelists: Joan Blades, and MomsRising, Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
Moderator: Tara Hunt, Citizen Agency

They’re setting up the panelists on the phone.

Social capital exists inside your social circle and sphere of influence.

Critical: respond in kind…
Reciprocity is very important in strengthening social capital; strong online tools to use are LinkedIn (more professionally focused), Facebook, etc.

Types of social capital:
-bonding capital: closer friends e.g. who sent you flowers on your birthday
-bridging capital: less close but accessible people in different spheres

Building new capital:
-consciously meet new people

Women are better at building bonding capital; men build bridging capital more naturally.

Sound bite:
When writing or communicating in general, consider that each level of correspondence is a chance to widen your audience aka create ‘bridging capital.’ That’s the type of social capital most influential for career development.

Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post
She views social capital as your tribe; figure out ways to expand that tribe.

Sound bite:
Often times the connection with a new person is not your work but some other social, personal experience. The social and professional are very interconnected.

All panelists agree balancing life responsibilities with the goal of building social capital can be a challenge but is necessary.

Huffington’s examples of social capital in her experience:
She’s now built up to 1,800 bloggers for Huffington Post; using social capital – personal and professional sources of capital – helped accomplish this. She says living your life, including the chaos, is a chance to compound your relationships and thus, your social capital.

Passion is the link:
Passion in life (and for what you do) helps influence the capital you secure.

Sound bite.
It’s about the results you get — she said in regard to merging personal and professional relationships plus decisions in the quest to build social capital.

Barriers in technology field are breaking down. Yet it’s still a need for women to learn and be exposed to new technologies – social and otherwise.

Women & a team-driven attitude:
Working and collaborating together will advance us more than competing with eachother. Women need to continue to be effective mentors.

Being yourself, confident & witty…:
We as women need to continue to conquer our fears in general to be more empowering professionals and people in general. Bringing our own humor and sense of self to the table will help that development.

On influence of social media & social capital:
It’s not a zero-sum game. Using social media improves your social capital if you invest in it and use it.